Peace of Mind Services

What do you do when you are concerned
about an aging loved one?

First, take a deep breath then call us.  “Help” is what we do.


Often we know help is needed but unsure how much help is needed, who to call or where to turn.  The worry and frustration can be overwhelming.  A good starting point is an in-depth assessment. Often what seems like a big problem can have a simple solution.

Consultation / Recommendations 

Wendy Smith Senior Services does not subscribe to one-size-fits-all solutions.  Each person is an individual and as such will receive an individualized care plan.  A personalized plan that is realistic, encourages independence, and focused on safety, security and comfort.

Care Management / Companion Care

We provide that extra set of eyes, ears and hands to ensure the safety, comfort and security of our client.  Our Care Management / Companion Care plan provides non-medical assistance and support needed to remain independent.


It’s no secret, not all facilities are managed with the care you or your loved one deserves.  There is much more to consider than just an attractive entry way or glitz.   …


Being miles away from your parent or loved one can be frustrating at best. Sometimes it seems as if residents in an Assisted Living Facility, Nursing Home or Memory Care Unit don’t have a voice; complaints or grievances go unaddressed. That’s where we come in.

Peace of Mind Services and Care Management are private pay services. The cost will depend on the frequency and service requested.  Our goal is develop the most effective plan to meet the needs of our client.  We will work with you and budget constraints.  Wendy Smith Senior Services provides peace of mind solutions.  Call Wendy at (727) 452-3301.